Model broadband service from ITS

Ugly Models. London

Models on the books of London-based Ugly Models are anything but ordinary, and the agency has taken exactly the same approach to choosing its altnet connectivity provider.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, where looks to fit a  certain mould are the norm, Ugly Models Agency has chosen to take a different path by seeking out talent with alternative looks where tall and short, fat and thin, piercings and tattoos are all welcomed.

The speed of its broadband service is as important as having clean running water and electricity. The agency’s success relies on being able to send photographs of its talent to clients quickly. It can make the difference between winning and losing projects.

Following a move to new premises, Ugly Models didn’t want to renew its contract with its well-known existing provider, and on recommendation approached altnet ITS.

“Our business relies on being able to send high quality photographs quickly to our models and clients. It can make the difference between winning or missing out on projects.”

Owner Marc French

“We moved offices and needed a fresh start as our previous provider was becoming more unreliable and too slow to cope with the huge amount of file uploads and downloads we make day to day. Having followed up on a recommendation, we thought that ITS would suit our needs as a small business that operates almost entirely via the internet.

“We are also amazed at the level of customer service and support. We don’t feel like a number anymore, but a valued customer.”

The cost of the connection was subsidised by the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Ugly Models has taken a full fibre 100Mbps symmetrical FibreLight service over ITS’ full fibre H&F Connect network in London.