Students Benefit from Superfast Broadband Upgrade

Primo Property Management

Today’s students not only expect superfast broadband, it is a necessity. Often referred to as the fourth utility, Primo Property Management understands the importance of supplying fast and reliable broadband, and as such, took steps to upgrade the internet services delivered to its student properties located across the UK.

Primo is an award-winning business that specialises in providing luxurious accommodation that meets the increasing expectations of UK students in cities where rooms are in short supply. All Primo’s UK sites, which include Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow, York and Bolton, will be connected to a dedicated fibre connection and wireless infrastructure that will deliver high-speed broadband to each multi-tenanted building.

Bringing the Student Community Together

Primo has been a valued ITS customer for the last two years, but it became apparent that as Primo has grown during this time, the legacy broadband service had become outdated, as it struggled to keep up with the demands made on it by the student community. With an upgrade deemed necessary, ITS put forward its recommendations and won a competitive tender to upgrade and manage the infrastructure and broadband services over the next three years.

Broadband Upgrade Offers Greater Bandwidth Choice

Students receive a 20Mbps service as standard but are able to upgrade to a 50Mbps or 100Mbps service. With more than 700 rooms nationally, it is also important to provide adequate backhaul which will support demand now and in the future, which ITS has supplied via fibre connections to all the properties.

“With the start of the academic year looming it was important for us to have a plan in place to upgrade the internet services available. We differentiate ourselves by providing luxury boutique accommodation that needs to have a broadband service to match.”

Ruby Jones, Associate Director, Primo Property Management

The broadband infrastructure upgrades have been completed in spring 2016. Primo Property Management has awarded ITS a three-year contract that in addition to the upgrades, will see Primo consider the implementation of further value add services such as VoIP telephony, data storage and data backup.