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ITS offers an exciting range of gigabit capable, full fibre and ultrafast connectivity solutions, firmly supporting the government’s pledge to provide 85% gigabit capability by 2025. We deliver our solutions over networks using the latest design and technology, offering more flexibility than alternatives.

ITS core connectivity services can be delivered as Layer 3 or Layer 2 depending on whether a fully configured service is required. Layer 3 includes IP (Internet Protocol), while Layer 2 comes without IP, and you as an operator will interconnect your network with ours.

Internet & Cloud Access

Broadband from ITS is delivered across our fibre optic networks. The ITS network is physically separate from most other network operators, which enables us to offer superior backup and resilience.

Enterprise Internet Access

Business Broadband

Small Business Broadband

Ethernet Leased Lines

ITS provides high quality bespoke services on our full fibre optic networks, such as Point to Point circuits (P2P), Private Data Networks and Direct Internet Access (DIA). Where our networks are not yet available we will offer you a selection of circuits from our selected major Communication Service Providers.

Ethernet Leased Lines

Leased Lines - Off net

Infrastructure Services

ITS delivers dedicated infrastructure services from bespoke networks (for other carriers, mobile networks or data centres), to dark fibre (for organisations wishing to manage their own connectivity) and private networks.

Bespoke Carrier Networks

Delivering networks to industry partners

Dark Fibre

Manage your own connectivity

Fast Install

Full Fibre

Gigabit Capable


National Reach

ITS is a national connectivity provider and as you would expect, we have our own extensive networks which we refer to as Faster Britain. Each month our networks are growing at pace – but it doesn’t stop there. If you require connectivity in an area our networks don’t yet cover, we buy local access connectivity from other networks.

​ITS has teamed up with specially-selected major service providers to bring you our services via their networks, to which ITS adds our own network management capability, so each new link forms a fully configured part of the ITS networks. ​

Services using other networks include Ethernet Leased Lines and Broadband – not only delivering outstanding service but flexible options and best value too. ITS can connect to nearly every business in Britain!