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The business world is evolving and technology is at the heart of this evolution

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Is your business looking for gigabit capability?

The driving force is gigabit capable, full fibre connectivity. Whether it’s connecting to servers, accessing cloud-based apps or running IP-based services, superior connectivity is a common denominator amongst successful businesses, no matter their size.

Faster Britain is an ultrafast, digital infrastructure across the UK.

Ultrafast full fibre connectivity allows businesses to scale and communicate in uniquely effective ways. As copper-based services become increasingly obsolete, it is becoming less a luxury and more a necessity. Indeed, it is now a key hygiene factor for the modern business and for citizens that live and consume services online.

However, a problem persists. This connectivity isn’t readily available to everyone and digging up roads and laying down fibre is beyond the capability of many technology providers. It’s a problem Faster Britain is meeting head on.