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Bandwidth (Typical) From 100Mbps - 10Gbps From 100Mbps - 1Gbps
Symmetry Symmetric Symmetrical Burst
Managed Router Y N
ONT Presentation (No router) N Y
IP Addressing Static /30 Static /32
Layer 3 Y Y
Layer 2 National (ISP Customer Only) Y Y
Layer 2 Local (ISP Customer Only) Y Y
Support 24/7/365 Office hours
Fix time (Priority 1 & 2) 6 hours 24 hours
Minimum Term (Years) 1, 3, 5 2

Our channel services

Internet & Cloud Access

Broadband from ITS is delivered across our fibre optic networks. The ITS network is physically separate from most other network operators, which enables us to offer superior backup and resilience.

ITS provides high-quality bespoke services on our full fibre optic networks, such as Point to Point circuits (P2P), Private Data Networks and Direct Internet Access (DIA). Where our networks are not yet available we can offer a selection of circuits from our selected major Communication Service Providers.


What partnering with ITS looks like for ITS Channel Partners

At ITS, collaboration is easy. The bottom line is we want to help our partners dominate their market.

Our channel partner programme empowers partners of all sizes to outsmart their connectivity competition and sell ‘over the top’ services easily, whether you’re a specialist local reseller or nationwide service provider.

We recognise that the needs of our partners are diverse and can be incredibly wide-reaching. Because of this, we’ve designed our support to range from core connectivity products to the design and delivery of more complex infrastructure to suit the way you work.


ITS offers an exciting range of gigabit-capable, full fibre and ultrafast connectivity solutions, firmly supporting the government’s pledge to provide 100% gigabit capability by 2030. We deliver our solutions over networks using the latest design and technology, offering more flexibility than alternatives.

Whilst many of our partners purchase directly from our portal time and time again, we know that larger projects may demand unique support in order to reach the goals of your organisation and start driving real benefits for your customers. We’re set-up to offer whatever flavour of support that you need, when you need it.

Our partners can access the entire network footprint as a layer 1 (dark fibre), layer 2 (wholesale), or layer 3 (internet) connection. Layer 3 includes IP (Internet Protocol), whereas Layer 2 comes with full interoperability, and you as an operator will interconnect your network with ours.

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To learn more about our services for Channel partners, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ITS team.

What makes ITS different for Channel Partners?

When it comes to connectivity, we know what we’re doing. Our expert team offer unrivalled support to our channel partners, so you can feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the right partner for your business. From the very beginning, we’re with you all the way.

Our partner support services include:

Immediate support

Right from the get-go, we offer a bespoke partner onboarding programme and specialist training designed around your organisational needs to support you in the areas you need it.

Dedicated provisioning team and account management

Our partner team are your key point of contact and act as your guide to getting the best out of our services.

Online partner portal and API

Our Portal and API are the means to access our UK connectivity wholesale marketplace. Supporting quick and accurate availability checking and quoting with added support functions and easy progression to raising orders, it truly is your one stop shop for UK full fibre business connectivity.

Customer service support

Our customer service support team are on hand to help if you have any difficulties accessing ITS services.

Technical design & specialist support

When you partner with ITS, you’ll have access to the exceptional technical talent and specialist support staff on our team.

Innovative products and pricing

ITS builds full fibre products focussed on providing our partners with the best products at the best prices to enable the easy adoption of full fibre connectivity. We are not afraid to be different and pride ourselves on differentiating ourselves against the competition.

Marketing support and collateral

Whether it’s marketing assets, data or campaign funding, we can offer support where you need it to ensure your projects with us are a success.

Training and development

You’ll never be left to ‘work it out’ – our team are on-hand to deliver training that suits your organisational needs. We want you to develop. You grow, we grow.

Inca Win (24)

Why Partner with ITS?

At ITS, we’re passionate about delivering diversity and offering our customers a better alternative to the limited incumbents and big hitters in the industry. We work with our partners to create bespoke solutions for commercialising fibre infrastructure where possible, delivering better value and improving your bottom line.

We have trailblazed XGS PON across our network footprint. This system is inherently flexible and scalable, putting our partners in control. We also provide blended on-net and off-net solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers, including nationwide providers and multi-site solutions to make your life easy.

Alongside a quality product, the ITS team can also support you when you need us. Whether it’s helping you win tenders and deals, highlighting the value of our connectivity network through marketing support or contributing to the success of organisations, we’ll be there.


To learn more about our services for Enterprise partners, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ITS team.

    Case Studies


    Amvia, a connectivity provider, Microsoft Silver Partner and Barracuda Networks MSP based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, delivers to customers across the UK.

    As a pioneer of B2B fibre price comparison, over the last few years it has witnessed substantial changes in the connectivity market. Rather than having to rely on the incumbent providers, Amvia has looked to alternative operators, including ITS, that are building significant footprint, particularly in areas that have been difficult to enter, mainly because of prohibitive costs due to lack of existing infrastructure.

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    Becoming a Faster Britain partner has had many benefits for our business. The flexibility of working with a partner that wants to find solutions is refreshing and really helps us to sell connectivity. For example, where ECCs proved to be too much of a barrier for another supplier, ITS worked around this by installing a wireless leased line to get our customer up and running quickly.

    Rob Taylor Head of Sales, Amvia

    Established for more than 25 years, 1Connect is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) specialising in business communications, connectivity, security and infrastructure. It is an accredited partner of some of the world’s leading vendors.

    Over the last two years, ITS has scaled the UK-wide delivery of its full-fibre Faster Britain networks, providing access to business connectivity where it is needed most.

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    Finding a good connectivity partner that understands my business is important. I need to know that they won’t let me down, as ultimately, if I sell the solution, it’s on my head and my reputation.

    Lee Wilson Managing Director

    FACTCO need reliability, honesty, great communication and service from their connectivity partners. These are pivotal for FACTCO with any partnership.

    FACTCO found what they were looking for in ITS Technology Group and why they chose to become a Faster Britain partner and subsequently an LCR Connect, Faster Britain partner too.

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    Becoming a Faster Britain and then LCR Connect partner, has had many benefits for our business. The flexibility of working with a reliable partner who really understand our business, that we can grow alongside and who want to help find solutions, is key to helping us achieve our mission.

    Lee Murphy CEO