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Who are ITS?

ITS is one of the UK’s most exciting technology businesses and we’re looking for great people to join us on our journey. We’re an ambitious company that is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications business in the UK and we offer all kinds of exciting career opportunities.

People are at the heart of everything we do at ITS, which runs through all our core values – we trust and respect one another, we nurture creativity in all its forms and we empower you to challenge the norm and reach new heights.

We reward our staff generously, from competitive salaries to designing creative working environments for our employees, wherever in the country they may be. It’s a people-first culture that’s centred around growth first and foremost.

ITS has forged its reputation through our creative and collaborative people – could you be our next colleague and help ITS continue to deliver excellence? We’d love to hear from you.

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At ITS, we believe work and the culture that infuses it should be fun – and our people make that happen.

Happy people are able to deliver great business and our core value of ‘One ITS’ is centred on making sure all our people feel supported, appreciated, and happy.

We’re constantly looking to improve the experience of each member of the ITS team, listening to feedback and giving our employees the support, flexibility, and resources they need, whenever they need them.

Here are some of the key aspects that we’re currently pioneering:

  • Flexible working arrangements that allow you to work at a time and place that works best for you.
  • Recognition and rewards for team members that are smashing it – you’ll never feel underappreciated or undervalued at ITS.
  • Our cycle-to-work scheme encourages team members to ‘ditch the diesel’ and take a more eco-friendly approach to their daily commute.
  • Your birthday should be all about celebrating you, so you’ll have a guaranteed day off on your birthday every year in addition to your annual leave allowance.
  • Giving back to our team is a key part of our company values, so you can expect plenty of social events, staff parties, and celebrations for all of our collective successes.
  • A contributory well-being allowance – employees can avail of this to put towards something that can benefit their wellbeing.
  • Our team get 1-day of paid leave to participate in volunteering opportunities for a charity they care about.

Our Values

support-icon-01 We're Curious

Every breakthrough in human history begins with a curious person.

That’s why our people are empowered to challenge the norm and break out of their comfort zones at all levels of our organisation.

This curiosity keeps us on top of our game and ahead of the competition. Innovation is key to growth and we give all of our team members a platform that encourages curiosity, is agile enough to try new things, is open to change, and helps you to achieve your goals.

support-icon-06 We're Driven

Our dedication, fearlessness, and robust drive for excellence are what keep ITS at the forefront of the telecoms industry – no one cares more about doing the right thing for partners and their customers than the ITS team.

From our growing network and new service offerings, to our people-first approach and focus on collaboration, we’re blazing a trail that we hope changes the industry forever.

support-icon-05 We're Disruptive

We embrace what makes us different – every day at ITS presents a new challenge and we can’t wait to tackle it.

If a new, better approach means departing from the way things have always been done and ripping up the rule books, we don’t shy away! We’re not afraid to go against others (and our past selves) in order to develop, improve, and grow.

We pursue and nurture creativity in whatever form it appears! Every person’s skills are valuable and we’re dedicated to helping our talent excel.

support-icon-02 We're Reliable

Alongside our drive to innovate, we always keep an eye on the here and now.

For all our ground-breaking innovation, it is the openness and honesty of our people that creates such impenetrable customer loyalty, and it is through our strong, reliable capabilities that we have built a suite of products and services that are changing business connectivity across Britain.

Ultimately, we want to do the right thing by our partners and help them meet their goals. We’re always looking for areas where we can go above and beyond for our partners and their customers.

support-icon-01 We’re One

The quality of our customer service gives us pride in what we’re doing, and most importantly, we’re doing it together.

Our team provides businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow to heights that they never thought possible before, changing lives in the process.

It’s a challenging task, and one that we rely on each other to achieve, but the end result couldn’t be more rewarding.

When we work together, we make things happen. Transformation comes when we collaborate to rethink products, process systems, market insights, partner support, and so much more. By sharing information and collaborating on data projects we’re able to better understand – and sometimes change – the way we assess future build locations and marketing performance.

Start your ITS journey

At ITS, we’re always searching for the next superstar to join our team – we’d hate to miss out on a talented professional who’s aligned with our values, so if you’d like to join us, check out our active job vacancies by clicking the button below.

We’re looking to hire across a number of key departments from Sales & Marketing, Network Planners, Field Engineers, Channel Accounts through to Strategic Development, so no matter where your skills are best suited, we’re sure there’s a position that’ll allow you to excel to the next level.


ITS Accreditations

ITS’ continual improvement programme ensures our processes reduce waste and improve customer service and satisfaction. As a registered Communications Provider, we can use Openreach ducts and poles to deploy our networks, while our OFCOM Code Powers allows us to install ducts and other infrastructures in public spaces. We are proud to be certified by ISO and to be listed on government frameworks.

Cyberessentials Certification Mark Plus