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Growing network footprint

We’re committed to providing our partners with access to the most reliable and flexible gigabit-capable connectivity around, at industry-leading price points. This commitment has led to us doubling the size of our Faster Britain footprint over the last year, tripling our reach by passing nearly 25% or 450,000 UK business premises.

Effective broadband connections are the cornerstone of any modern business, so we see high-quality service as less of a want and more of a necessity.

With networks forming such a large part of our operations, we’re always looking for ways to expand, improve, and optimise the way they function. But it’s not enough to simply build them, we’re on a mission to ensure we hit the right business-dense locations to give your target organisations access to the most innovative, effective, and forward-thinking full fibre network in the UK.

A combination of our ‘off net’ and ‘on net’ portfolio means ITS has become a single point for Partners looking for great value, expertise and dedication to service and support that the competition cannot offer. With a goal to reach 1 million businesses in the next few years, giving you’ll have access to your target audience regardless of what area of the UK you operate.

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Faster Britain - Growing alternative networks providers

With Faster Britain, we’re working to expand full fibre access across the country, working with customers and partners to identify the right opportunities and locations to underpin the Faster Britain programme.

ITS owns and operates multiple ‘on net’ full-fibre networks across business-dense locations in the UK, we call these our Faster Britain networks. We also offer competitive, UK-wide ‘off net’ coverage via a number of trusted national partners.

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Seize the opportunity

Although we own and operate multiple ‘on net’ full-fibre networks across business-dense locations in the UK, we also offer competitive ‘off net’ coverage via several trusted national partners. Therefore, we’re able to provide an effective connectivity solution regardless of business location. This leads to commercial value for you, our partner.

With thousands of businesses already adopting the Faster Britain network and the gigabit capabilities that it provides through our partners, it’s never been more important to take the initiative and move to the slickest, most reliable on-net and off-net networks in the UK.

Become a partner with ITS

Our Partners benefit from working within our networks all over the UK. To learn more or to join them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ITS team.

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The ITS network uses the latest XGS-PON technology, delivering symmetrical 10 Gbps capable services. Our networks are designed to meet the increasing needs of users who require higher-speed connectivity, symmetrical bandwidth and reliability.

XGS-PON is the next-generation Passive Optical Network (PON) standard. It offers big advantages to existing GPON networks, which is seen as consumer-grade – as it is capable of 10Gbps speeds and dynamic bandwidth allocation. This offers throughput guarantees for users wanting to upgrade from traditional contended broadband products.

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LCR Roundtable

LCR Connect

We’re currently creating a number of new Faster Britain networks including a joint venture in the Liverpool City Region, LCR Connect.

The build is a key driver in attracting inward investment from major enterprises and is critical to businesses, as well as consumers. It will also support the development of new networks such as 5G and be Cloud and Data Centre connected.

Connecting all six boroughs within the region, the network also links key digital assets including Data Centres, BT exchanges, and landing stations for continental and intercontinental connections.

LCR Connect will represent the only true metro fibre network in this part of the country, breaking down barriers in the north and creating new opportunities in the city and the wider region that surrounds it.

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Digital Greenwich Connect Launch Event (59)

Digital Greenwich Connect

As well as the Liverpool City Region, Digital Greenwich Connect is an exciting new partnership that aims to make the Royal Borough of Greenwich one of the most digitally connected areas in the country.
The new 21km digital highway is a £2m joint venture between DG Cities, an innovation company set up and owned by Greenwich Council, and ITS.

This initiative means that faster, more reliable and more resilient connections across the borough, resulting in increased opportunities for jobs, public service delivery, training, education, and many many more. Benefitting both existing residents and businesses, the Digital Greenwich Connect scheme is also attracting new investment and talent to the area.

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Planning & Design

When you partner with ITS, there is an extensive planning and design stage to ensure that the projects we work on run as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption and maximum benefit for local communities.

We also have extensive diagnostic and monitoring capabilities to make sure our network provision is always there when our partners need it. Our team can also offer out-of-hours support and provide fast, detailed updates and quick resolutions if there is an issue.


Helping local authorities, councils, and other stakeholders make the most of their assets

We’re proud of the strategic partnerships that we’ve formed in local areas, helping to expand infrastructure and improve digital services in areas that have previously found access to high-quality broadband to be severely lacking.

By working with local authorities and councils, ITS is engaged in a number of key projects relating to local broadband and connectivity infrastructure, which enables us to give back to the communities that need our support the most. We’re also heavily involved in community communications where we work to minimise disruption and deliver success for the people who use our services.

Thanks to our partnerships with authorities in key locations including Liverpool, Bexley, Havering, Greenwich, Barking, and Dagenham, we’re able to maintain a high standard of service implementation and reduce the number of barriers that we face when building our networks.

We utilise existing assets such as ducts and tramlines to rapidly accelerate the installation of full fibre networks and we can even assist in the implementation of more specific infrastructures such as CCTV and Dark Fibre access.

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