Full fibre broadband that’s cooking on gas

Tom Chandley

Tom Chandley isn’t just a manufacturer of ovens. It is developing bakery solutions that meet its customers’ needs through innovation, design and R&D. Having great comms is as important to this business as gas, electricity and running water. Without them the business simply wouldn’t function.

A communications provider that can be relied upon

Tom Chandley has a long-standing relationship with trusted ITS partner, Beanstalk Telecom. Initially providing telephone call and lines, over time their relationship has grown, and Beanstalk now also provides a mobile contract, handsets and broadband services. The partnership has become stronger, having been built on trust and the ability to advise, deliver and support what Tom Chandley needs for its business.

“We were really pleased with how Beanstalk handled our mobile contract, so when our ageing telephony system could no longer be supported by a maintenance contract, it was an easy decision to ask them to tender along with our incumbent provider. During this process, it was clear that Beanstalk could provide the better service and it made sense to have one provider, one point of contact, as it has simplified the administration of this side of our business.”

Carl Fenton, Joint Managing Director at Tom Chandley

VoIP driving the need for better business broadband

Having taken the decision to move to a voice over IP (VoIP) system, Tom Chandley’s connectivity was among the first things that needed to be addressed. With a business line that was no longer fit for purpose, Beanstalk installed an ITS FibreLight full-fibre broadband line. A high quality, low contention, full-fibre broadband product, FibreLight has many of the traits of a dedicated leased line offering symmetrical up and download speeds backed up with a service level agreement.

Cost neutral switch to scalable future-proof connectivity

“While the main driver for switching broadband provider was to be able to use VoIP, there have been countless other benefits. Our online and systems experience is vastly improved. Tasks such as payroll which took hours to perform are now completed in a matter of minutes. The switch was cost-neutral, and we now have a solution that can grow with our needs, rather than continuously feeling as though it was at breaking point. We have saved costs on additional phone lines, as during the process we discovered we were paying for lines and equipment that we no longer used or needed. It is also nice to have one bill, as it has added greater transparency to what we have and how we are using it.”

Carl Fenton, Joint Managing Director at Tom Chandley

Government support for full-fibre future

The cost of the connection was subsidised by the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Tom Chandley has taken a full-fibre 200Mbps symmetrical FibreLight service over ITS’ full-fibre Tameside network, part of the UK-wide Cooperative Network Infrastructure of which ITS is a founding member.

About ITS FibreLight

We install fibre optic cables directly to your premises (FTTP) to connect you to our gigabit-capable business-grade FibreLight service. Pure fibre coupled with low contention makes FibreLight stand out from the crowd and ensures you have uncompromised bandwidth at your fingertips.

  • Low contention
  • Download speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 100% fibre, no copper wires
  • Cost effective full fibre connectivity
  • Premium support
  • Upgrades available