ITS – A connectivity partner that listens, adds value and offers real flexibility


Established for more than 25 years, 1Connect is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) specialising in business communications, connectivity, security and infrastructure. It is an accredited partner of some of the world’s leading vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Fortinet. 1Connect has built a reputation as a trusted provider, and is helping its customers to increase productivity by improving communication and collaboration, all of which is underpinned by a superfast, reliable internet connection.

“Finding a good connectivity partner that understands my business is important. I need to know that they won’t let me down, as ultimately, if I sell the solution, it’s on my head and my reputation.”

Lee Wilson, Managing Director.

The Faster Britain footprint reaches where there is business demand

Over the last two years, ITS has scaled the UK-wide delivery of its full fibre Faster Britain networks, providing access to business connectivity where it is needed most. Having followed ITS’ progress closely, 1Connect became a Faster Britain partner once the fibre footprint had scale, and its self-service partner portal (and API) with full quote, order, and comparison site was launched.

“We work with a range of providers. Once I felt ITS had the capabilities to support us, I knew the
time was right to become a Faster Britain partner. Its UK-wide Faster Britain footprint is helping us
to win business where it has been previously difficult, due to lack of choice. Their solutions work
for our customers from a cost perspective, offering futureproof, flexible ultrafast connectivity.”

All of 1Connect’s customer solutions start with a high quality, high speed, reliable internet connection. More than that, the services that it delivers ‘over the top’ rely on it, and the customer experience is dictated by how fast and consistent the service is.

1Connect finds ITS’ approach, flexibility, and technical expertise is adding significant value to its business.

“ITS takes a different approach to many providers. We can get hold of the team, chat through a customer solution – and the challenges – and work collaboratively to find an outcome that helps us close the deal. They bend over backwards to make that happen, which is very refreshing. Ordering is straightforward, and this personal approach also means we have someone to follow up with so we can keep our customers informed on the progress of their orders. Communication is particularly important to us.”

Faster Britain is underpinning ‘digitalisation’

“Faster Britain is helping us to drive our connectivity and digital agenda. Where access to full fibre has been lacking, these new networks are allowing us to introduce services including hosted VoIP, cloud based applications, and collaboration tools. These simply wouldn’t have been an option with the restrictions of poor or unreliable connectivity.”

“The biggest challenge that businesses face is not being ‘digital ready’. The pandemic has fast tracked digital transformation, and connectivity is key to this digitalisation. Faster Britain is also opening the doors to local businesses who haven’t had the choice or been able to afford services that enable them to grow.”

The Faster Britain partner benefits that are important to 1Connect

Partner account management

“We have a dedicated account manager. A point of contact we can go to for everything. He is knowledgeable and responsive, getting us answers and support when we need it, fast.”

Online partner portal, products, and pricing

“It is really important to us that we have access to the most up to date pricing and can see what is available. ITS is really good at this. The portal is easy to use and accurate. It makes selling connectivity more straightforward.”

Technical design and specialist support

“While we have expertise in our team, we can really lean on ITS. It has strong technical know-how, and is able to design solutions that work. The team think outside of the box and we know where we stand quickly.”

Customer service support

“Our 1Connect SLAs are valued by our customers. ITS understands this and its customer support is brilliant – among the best in the industry.”

ITS helps 1Connect to find connectivity solutions and install end-users – fast

FarCroft Restorations, a family-run business that offers a complete restoration and conservation service, came to 1Connect looking for a leased line solution within 28 days as it was moving to new premises that would be home to more than 20 staff.

1Connect worked with ITS to install an interim solution – an SOGEA connection – which was done in less than 10 days from when the order was placed. The leased line was connected within 42 days, and layered over the top with the same Static IPs. As a result, the customer’s move went ahead as planned, and the business had the connectivity it needed for a smooth transition.

Faster Britain Products and Solutions

Our full fibre networks use the latest design and XGS-PON technology, allowing our services to flex from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes: Enterprise Internet Access, Business Broadband, Small Business Broadband, Ethernet Leased Lines, Leased Lines Off-Net, Bespoke Carrier Networks, Dark Fibre.

Our core connectivity services are delivered as Layer 3 or Layer 2 depending on whether a fully configured service is required. Layer 3 includes IP (Internet Protocol), while Layer 2 comes without IP, allowing operators to interconnect their network with ours.

Become a Faster Britain partner and join the revolution