Disrupting the Status Quo: Innovation That Joins the Ducts

Innovation is often associated with technology. How an idea can be translated into goods or services that will improve, transform and increase productivity. While this is true for ITS as a technology company, innovation is so much more than simply the end products and services we sell. It’s in our DNA and so runs through all that we do – from our thinking, and commercial models, to our approach and methodology.

As an altnet, ITS is constantly challenging the status quo. While many providers in our sector are focussing on building networks in either urban or rural areas, we are bridging the gap, delivering to areas where others, perhaps due to their business models and approach, find it more challenging. This includes using innovative ways of reducing costs and collaborating to make networks commercially sustainable. Working with public and private partners, we optimise the value of digital infrastructure and ‘join the ducts’.

Full Fibre Future

Innovating to make the delivery of full fibre digital infrastructure commercially viable and so therefore ‘accessible to all’ is ITS’ mission. Whether a customer is installed on one of our urban networks, or a rural estate, we believe that a digital divide should not exist – and it’s our aspiration to find ways to make sure the divide is eradicated. Our innovation comes through our approach to clever planning, design and engineering, from the way that we create value from the reuse of infrastructure to the way that we are working with our partners.

A recent INCA and Point Topic commissioned survey revealed how far the altnet community has come, passing nearly 1m premises with full fibre optic connectivity and around 2 million more using fixed wireless solutions. Progress has exceeded expectations, and it is down to the innovation and ingenuity of companies like ours that the UK is starting to claw back its standing on the global stage when it comes to connectivity.

As an authorised supplier of the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and other initiatives to subsidise super and hyperfast connections, coupled with Ofcom initiatives to favour and facilitate full fibre, things just got really interesting in the connectivity market.

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