Our Response to Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review (FTIR)

ITS comments on the release of the FTIR and Ofcom core regulatory changes:

“ITS is immensely encouraged by the findings and recommendations of the FTIR as it demonstrates serious intent from the government to make the UK a full fibre nation. Today’s announcement from Ofcom to make core regulatory changes can only facilitate this making it easier to deliver across urban and rural communities.

“As an altnet building full fibre and ultra fast FWA networks in both urban and rural areas with a focus on re-using existing infrastructure, we understand the scale of the job at hand. The recommendations of this report will help accelerate deployment and will encourage collaboration. This includes the clear recognition that fixed and wireless solutions should be part of the same infrastructure plan; essential to optimise the costs of deployment and the economics of future digital networks.

“We have been working with local and central government to advise, develop and build networks faster using greener and more efficient methods. We are also working collaboratively with other altnets, operators and service providers to expedite the rollout of connectivity and services. As such, we will gladly engage with DCMS and Ofcom to provide evidence and ‘real world’ examples of how the FTIR recommendations can be facilitated in the UK. These recommendations provide us with the affirmation and support needed to fully play our part in delivering a ‘Full Fibre and 5G UK’ as soon as possible. We look forward to continuing to support this mission.”

David Cullen ITS’ Director Strategy and Compliance
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