Slow, Unreliable Internet Holding Your Business Back?

Overcome the Rural Superfast Broadband Challenge

Being a rural business probably means that your access to the internet is slower and less reliable than your competition in the city. You probably can’t take advantage of ICT in the way you’d like to, as hosted and cloud services rely on a reliable superfast connection.

However, there is an alternative as ITS specialises in providing superfast connectivity to underserved rural and semi-rural areas.

Nostell Estate in Wakefield, West Yorkshire a Rural Country Estate suffered with poor broadband:

“Good quality broadband was essential for today’s businesses. In a rural area this was initially impossible.”

The Nostell Estate now have with full fibre:

“The broadband is very stable although the location is very rural. It takes no longer to connect the fibre than it does a standard phone line.”

We use an innovative approach to design, planning and engineering to overcome some of the most challenging terrains. We connect communities and premises faster and more cost-effectively, by using existing infrastructure (where we can) and fixed and wireless technologies to deliver full fibre digital networks.

We aren’t just a provider, we are an innovative partner that will work with you to deliver transformational change. Our services can grow and flex with you as your needs evolve.

Funding and Grants to Help Get Connected

There are a number of schemes and initiatives that contribute to the cost of installing a superfast connection on our rural networks including, BDUK funding in Cheshire, Access Broadband Cymru and the Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme in Wales.

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