Tips to get the most from your broadband connection

Some tips to help you get the most from your ITS broadband service

As we find ourselves staying in to stay safe, your ITS broadband service is probably playing an important role – perhaps helping you to work from home, or to stay in touch with friends, family and neighbours. In order to make the most of your connection’s capabilities, we thought we would share a few simple tips to help you get the best from your service:

  • Please make sure your router isn’t on the floor and is kept away from other electronic devices such as the microwave or cordless phones.
    • Avoid putting the WiFi router aerials behind the TV, as they have foil inside.
    • Avoid putting it inside a cabinet made of sturdy materials like wood or metal.
    • If the aerials on your router are adjustable, please angle them so that they are either in an ‘L’ (one vertical, one horizontal) or in a ‘Y’ shape (each at a 45 degree angle upwards) to give the best possible coverage.
  • Disconnect the WiFi from any devices that aren’t in use so that they aren’t eating up bandwidth in the background.
  • It’s good practice to regularly disconnect your devices and refresh the network connection.
  • Use a wired connection from your computer to the router if you have a particularly important conference call or video call with friends and family. If it’s not possible to use a wired connection, then set up close to your WiFi router, or make sure your device has a direct line of sight back to it.
  • If you use devices, such as powerline adaptors or WiFi repeaters, to get the WiFi signal around your property, these may need to be rebooted to give you the best performance, or to bring your connection back online should it drop off.

Also, please remember that your ITS broadband service benefits from unlimited data usage. This gives you the peace of mind that your costs will not increase as you inevitably utilise your broadband service more than usual during this period.

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