What is the Cost of Connectivity Downtime to Your Business?

Even the most resilient connectivity services have 99.999% available leaving a small percentage to chance.

Ask yourself how your business will deal with a disrupted infrastructure caused by force majeure or an act of man such as a cyberattack.

Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies are vital to ensure your business’ productivity and profitability are maximised whatever life throws at you. These plans and strategies are designed to mitigate the risk of potential downtime.

All too often the role connectivity plays in keeping a business operational is underestimated. With an increasing trend to adopt hosted and managed services, collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers online, connectivity is considered the fourth utility. Your business can not afford to be offline.

There are many ways to build resilience into your connectivity solutions, and it is important that all network assets are evaluated and addressed in any business recovery plan.

Our top three solutions for connectivity resilience:

  • Second Connection – Ideally a second connection uses a different type of service that goes back to another network. For example, a wireless link going back to alternative fibre network or at the least a different point of presence on a network (PoP).
    Diverse networks and and technologies are highly unlikely to both fail at the same time.
  • Managed Services & Monitoring – There are various levels of monitoring from passive with alerts and triggers to active using intelligent software to forewarn of risks and unusual activity.
    Monitoring offers the detection of issues so that faults can be resolved quicker resulting in minimal or no downtime.
  • Hardware Backups and Failover – The belt and braces of connectivity resilience is supporting the backup services and active monitoring with back up hardware. For example, a router that automatically failovers to your backup service should the primary service fail, allowing a seamless transition for users.

Some customers will also hold stock of replacement active equipment and switches. In the unlikely event that lighting strikes the physical equipment can literally be swapped out there and then.

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