ITS Partners with Generation Next to Support the Careers of Young Professionals 

In our bid to empower young professionals to take ownership of their careers, build confidence and foster the next generation of professional minds, we have partnered with Generation Next to propel young people’s futures. 

ITS Partners with Generation Next to Support the Careers of Young Professionals 

Generation Next: What We’ve Been Up To 

We’ve been busy in our partnership and have already been a critical component of one of the most exciting Generation Next events in 2023, the Generation Next Awards. We sponsored the Volunteering and Social Impact category, with our Social Value Manager, Marie Steele, on the judging panel. The candidates, aged between 18-35, wrote detailed applications and were interviewed by the panel in May. 

The category had many outstanding candidates who, in themselves, signal such a strong future for innovation while incorporating solid social conscience. Marie said that “the category was tough to judge as all the applications were fantastic. We had real trouble at the end deciding who should win because the standard was so high! They were all very inspiring.” 

Courtney Brindley took the prize for her work to improve the lives of people subjected to domestic violence. Her development, delivery, and promotion of her J9 Training, alongside her busy role and other commitments, demonstrates the tenacity of the workforce of tomorrow and signals a positive trend in the next generation of workers, showing that they’re dedicated, driven and able to juggle varying priorities. 

Courtney’s J9 initiative has a real-world impact on people subjected to domestic abuse, with the training helping workplaces become more aware and prepared to support their employees who might share their experience. The J9 initiative encourages businesses to become safe spaces for people to access information and support around domestic abuse. 


At the forefront of our partnership with Generation Next is a commitment to empowering young people to take ownership of their future. At ITS, we pride ourselves on taking a chance and forging our destiny, which is why we’ve partnered with Generation Next. Empowering young people has a far more significant impact than simply recognising their ambitions, and instead acts as a catalyst to motivate, inspire, and drive forward their ambition to become leaders. 

Through these awards, we send a compelling message that values young professionals’ contributions, propelling them to excel in a competitive world. Providing opportunities for them to display potential across sectors is vital, nurturing innovation and progress. 

In partnership with Generation Next, we foster innovation and individuality, countering challenges in today’s competitive landscape while pursuing societal change. Courtney’s achievement exemplifies innovation for change, which is why she was the perfect choice for the Volunteering and Social impact award.  

Generation Next also shines a spotlight on local innovation in the East Midlands, giving the location the recognition it deserves as an enterprise hub. Our sponsorships highlight local entrepreneurship, driving investment and support to the local area. We’re excited about our ongoing partnership, hosting events, and nurturing young business leaders with entrepreneurial, socially conscious values. 

This is only the beginning of our partnership with Generation Next. We’re looking forward to sponsoring more of these amazing events and continuing to support young people in their bid to become market leaders with entrepreneurial values, strong regard for social value, and an empowered attitude that propels them into the next generation of career success. We’ll also be sponsoring the Generation Next Conference in October, so we look forward to continuing our journey towards supporting the next generation of inspiring young professionals.  

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