Unveiling the Success of the ITS X InnovateHer Partnership

It’s been another successful year of ITS’ partnership with InnovateHer, the organisation with the mission to make the tech sector more equitable to shape a digital future with girls in the narrative. At ITS, our social value initiative is all about digital inclusion, so what better way to get girls ready for a career in tech than with this partnership?

Following on from another year as partners, we’re pleased to report that it’s significantly impacted increasing reach, focusing on funding and support for local schools.

Today, we’ll explore the report more deeply and explain how we plan to support InnovateHer in the coming months.

Another successful year with InnovateHer

The InnovateHer report highlights the significant impact that delivering tech-based activities for girls and non-binary students has! Together, InnovateHer and ITS have:

Unveiling the Success of the ITS X InnovateHer Partnership

What does this mean?

Through ITS’s Inspiring Assemblies and Role Model talks at schools, ITS and InnovateHer have successfully engaged over 102 students, who then enrolled on InnovateHer’s platform and courses, designed to embolden skills development, and build digital confidence. Thanks to the support of ITS colleagues, our team welcomed two work-experience students looking to gain further insight into life in tech, providing context of the tech-working world and employability skills rolled into one!

Overall, ITS’ partnership with InnovateHer has provided school-aged girls and non-binary young people with a greater view of what life in tech can look like and helped spur their dreams of becoming cornerstones of the tech market.

The results of our partnership

Not only has ITS’ partnership with InnovateHer had a profound impact on over a hundred school children, but we’ve also seen some incredible feedback from our ITS colleagues, showing that our social value initiatives with organisations like InnovateHer have a positive knock-on effect.

Our ITS colleague said:

Building a relationship with the public (students) was not an easy job but the teacher was extremely helpful in engaging the students and make them more curious and confident in asking questions. Overall, a good experience for myself and hopefully for the students as well.”

The overall results of our partnership have unveiled that levelling the playing field for girls and non-binary students in the tech sector is not only just a way of getting more girls into a historically inaccessible field but it’s a strategic advantage for businesses looking to broaden their talent outreach, gain unique perspectives, and engage with the bright brains of tomorrow.

Innovation goes together with diversity, so we’re proud that our partnership with InnovateHer is reaping positive results.

Lauren Forbes, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships from InnovateHer, had this to say about our partnership:

Collaboration with us here at InnovateHer to support more girls getting into tech is not just great, it is a visionary step towards building a brighter and more inclusive future. Together, we are unlocking the limitless potential of young minds, ensuring that gender equality and innovation go hand in hand. We have loved having ITS partner with us over the past 2 years to support our mission, and we look forward to working with them in the coming year.”

The future of our partnership with InnovateHer

We’re thrilled that we’re continuing our partnership with InnovateHer, and we’re looking forward to more amazing activities to inspire the next generation of students in Tech. We’re hoping to see more incredible reports like this one that highlight just how important connecting with today’s youth is for the success of tech businesses of tomorrow.

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Unveiling the Success of the ITS X InnovateHer Partnership